Business Development – Local Future Development – Back to the Future

Social entrepreneurship and networking is one of the most important aspects of fair trade and is often overlooked as simply being part of social media.  Networkers are not quite like other social media users however; networkers manipulate the system as is from the shadows in order to effect social policy change through forcing consensus.

Last year at breakfast with William Choy, the mayor of Stony Plain at his family’s restaurant, Bing’s, I mentioned the idea of implementing a fair trade network within Alberta itself for intercommunity trade and commerce reasons.  Instead of relying on the Wheat Boards, for example.  We also discussed the fact that we would as a province be bracing for an influx of migrants and he was excited about the prospect except for the housing crunch that it was going to cause.  We were discussing ways to get corporate interest in Stony Plain built up so that home builders were attracted to the area.  That was I think when I actively started blogging about new materials and engineering research  and drought/flood architecture on my Facebook page.

I am looking for work, but I will be totally honest; I am a torture survivor and I have a leg which is probably permanently broken and extensive nervous and musculoskeletal damage and I find people in general to be exhausting.

How strange that sentence looks.  “I am a torture survivor”.  Its true though; if I told you about my memories you would think I walked out of a horror series.  To me though, its like saying oh, I’m from Omaha.

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