Herb Lore, Witchery, and Me

Herbs are truly amazing things.  There are herbs that heal damaged tissue (comfrey, yarrow, mint, chamomile), herbs for anxiety (passionflower, lemon balm, lemongrass, mint, peppermint, rosemary), herbs for…  well, you get the point.

In Hell, because I didn’t have access to much if any in the way of a food budge, I grew weeds for food crops, including chickweed (which is delicious in a stir fry or salad and high in nutrients), arugula (salad and pasta), occasionally dandelion, and why when things were particularly tight and I was sick from malnourishment, I eventually began rendering herbs like yarrow and argula for their basic elements and we drank the ash with water.  I took to robbing the neighbour’s crab apple trees in the spring and summer, and I collected seeds from the local gardens in the fall.  In the summertime when I was upset I would go to the local churches and weed their flower gardens.

I miss my gardens and my books, but not enough to want to live there again.  However, I learned a lot, and I have been thinking of starting sort of a Book of Shadows,  particularly about herbs, and maybe about talismans.

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