The Strange and Fascinating World of Cam Girls

On the murky waters of the Darker parts of the web are entirely societies built up of people who perform on laptop cameras or through CCTV, and apparently make some sort of a living doing this?

Odd.  My friend posted something the other day in celebration of some of her friends becoming Instagram models about how it doesn’t pay but porn on cam does, and the video has a strange and disturbing point.

I have no idea if cam girl life is considered prostitution by the law.  I find it personally quite fascinating, since sex is such a part of human existence, and often stop to talk to them.  When they find out what I do they are generally very cool and kosher and we enjoy the talk, like two people talking about work over beers.  This has been with both performers and people paying for them.

Cam work is interesting because in a lot of ways it ends up being more of a taboo but socially acceptable form of social work. Some of the girls do nothing except go about their normal lives in front of the camera; others engage in performances. Some of them do this for their own pleasure and some of them make a living from exchanging tokens for money (cryptocurrency springs to mind). And some of them live behind the camera because they are are truly slaves and have no way to escape. It’s really quite difficult to determine precisely the underlying motivation for a person to become a cam operator actually.

In fact, during one of my forays into this strange world, I was told something about a bunch of Russian cam girls who had apparently had a large fan base and then just vanished. Interesting. Oddly enough, when I explain what I do in this area of the Dark Web, I am greeted with respect and decent conversation, which is rather difficult to come by in a world that equates advocacy for victims with prostitution.

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