Ethical Smartphones and Conflict Minerals — Follow the Money

One of the more distressing moral dichotomies I am forced to deal with is the knowledge that the same tools that I use to combat trafficking also were the products of mining and labour practices which contribute to labour trafficking in so-called “less developed” nations.  It’s frustrating to know for example that wars are entirely funded by completely obsolete industries fueled by human greed and lack of compassion.

Cell Phones and Slavery

Conflict Minerals from the Congo – Blood On Your Handset

Is Your Cell Phone Fuelling War in the Congo?

When I got my first smartphone, I had no idea how many people had died to ensure that it made its way into my hands, and when I did finally learn the uncomfortable truth, I probably cried for awhile.  I try desperately not to ever injure my technology, but obviously accidents happen and I am rather hard on my equipment.

Which is why I am utterly delighted to announce that the UK Launches World’s First Ethical Smartphone.

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