Your Callsign is a Badge of Honour

I refuse to write any “how to take over the world” articles – at least, intentionally, though I may periodically write about the laws of war….  when I write Cosmo or Maxim type articles.  I am just writing.

That said.  I have recently been taking myself through the painful and uncomfortable mission of invading my own life.

I didn’t ask to be called Doctrine Dominatrix, but I guess it suits and it amuses me, and my target audience is generally respectful enough that they just accept it as dark humour while we wrestle with very uncomfortable subjects.

Unfortunately, this fact has the people, or more specifically, the males, at the local entrepreneurship place rather uncomfortable.  Since I write for a specific target audience and not for anyone else’ pleasure but my own really, I don’t know that it really is anyone’s concern what I choose to call my blog; that’s really not the driving force behind the brand and anyone who follows me is more than abundantly aware of this fact.

I tried to show them my material but was basically hurried out after the man heard the moniker I use.  Again.  I tried a different tactic this time and was there specifically to discuss crafting a business plan with them; I believe he was distracted perhaps, or maybe having a bad day; I can’t say.  Dealing with human beings is frustrating at the best of times for me, thanks to being Aspie Woman.

Quite frankly…  I am offended.

I was told once by a man at the entrepreneurship centre that he found the name Doctrine Dominatrix “uncomfortable” to work with and wished me luck basically; he was nice enough but again…  I did not ask him for his opinion regarding the naming and branding of my online persona for my target audience; I asked for business coaching.

I have been told by a far less feral lady that the name is bound to make people uncomfortable; good.  Good.  It should.  They should be uncomfortable about the loss of a woman, man, or child, into the hands of cartels and traffickers every 26 seconds.

They should be uncomfortable about the fact that their disposable technology which they disparage was made by the hands of slave labourers who are confined to factory floors from conflict minerals that fuel the wars which Canada is endlessly being dragged into.

They should be uncomfortable about the number of missing and murdered women in Canada and the status of women and vulnerable populations.  They should be uncomfortable about our reliance on the petrodollar and foreign investments and the fact that the TPP changed Malaysia’s human trafficking index in order to allow nations which in the past have enacted sanctions against nations for legal conduct like theirs regarding human rights.


But by the name?  No.  I earned it, and I will wear it with pride.  It was given to me by a mentor that I respect and who has worked closely to make me the best blogger he could.

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