Thoughts on the Oxfam Report

The Oxfam report, which reports on the state of economic inequality around the world, recently revealed the information that approximately 62 people control the majority of the world’s wealth, but that the one percent at the top actually only really account for maybe seven people.  Which is a truly sobering thought.

I did a little digging and discovered that one of the top members of the Los Zetas cartel, and a man who was thought to be responsible for at least one busload of children disappearing, was reported as being one of those wealthy people in a Forbes article from several years ago.  I am astonished.

Last fall when I was staying at Magdalene House, I was introduced to a friend in the US because his daughter had already been kidnapped twice and he didn’t understand why.  I didn’t — and still don’t — really wish to discuss the details of the case, although he is fairly open with me about what happened.  In exchange for information pertaining to what was going on, he gave me the plans for the Fort, which is basically his designs for Mars Colonization.

I recall the busload of children disappearing; it was part of my morning news cycle.  Apparently nobody else did.  Fascinating.

Read an article lately about the human brain and what it censors in order to keep itself sane in an unpredictable environment, which may or may not account for why nobody else is willing to address this uncomfortable topic in a reasonable way that leads to a peaceful outcome in the long term narrative of war fighting.

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