Social media, the cult of personality, and feminism.

Let me state that my grandmothers were or are both skirt wearing iron ladies who baked cookies and kept livestock. My mother went to college and worked briefly on supercomputers. I have no idea what makes a woman a feminist.

Many times these memes or click bait articles create minor media wars actually, as various stars are made and die.  They look ridiculous to me; may as well have memes saying “in a world of Kardashians, be an Eva Peron.” I’m sure that would work well.

Comparing Kylie Jenner and Malala is incredibly unfair. Malala had to be shot in the face before the world cared she existed, and when I started developing my character for Doctrine Dominatrix I explored her cult of personality as we have similar pasts, presents, and futures.

Kylie is a smart, pretty, driven, and obviously intelligent woman with her own media empire in her own right within her clan, and that’s quite an impressive feat.

By policing how and who women should admire and emulate we are policing their thoughts and their behaviours, which is incidentally what shariah is all about, and it is both physically and emotionally oppressive.

One of the women I admire the most is Wulfrun, who was captured twice by Osigoths and returned pregnant with twins she raised to be chancellors on the kingdoms on either side and was ceded non taxable land by William the Conqueror.

I dislike these social media propaganda pieces about how a woman should and should not behave mainly because I know that women can be found literally everywhere, and that each of them is different, with their own ideas, values, and experiences, and to pit women against each other is not just ignorant, but essentially using them for entertainment purposes rather than appreciating them for their skills, knowledge, passions, and personality.

My idea of a princess is Bodicea, who held off Roman occupation at Hadrian’s wall.  But that does not mean that a more cossetted princess from history wasn’t an exceptional woman in her own right.

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