Who really runs the world?

Today I read an interesting article about commonly held notions regarding the illuminati and secret societies. As someone who studies occult activity, I found the article highly intriguing;  the writer is correct when he says fear of the illuminati is dangerous. Because if fearmongering by characters like Alex Jones I have been personally persecuted as being an illuminati agent and the experience was profoundly disturbing. 

As one might imagine due to the nature of my work, I do occasionally “deal” with them as a topic. I do not support the idea that the illuminati are responsible for the financial crisis unless you count them allowing financial illiteracy to spread; most seem to be sincerely ethical and duty oriented. 

That is not to say that there is not obviously a power elite, as evidenced by the Davos Summit, or that a tiny fraction of the population is responsible for the economic inequality as demonstrated in the most recent Oxfam Report.

If there is a shadow government to hold responsible, it exists in the murky waters of the cartels, as the trade and trafficking of humans was responsible for 105 billion last year, and they control pharmaceuticals, oil, diamonds, weapons, etc.  http://www.cnbc.com/id/100373543

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