Narcissus and Echo

Narcissism is often as in a very negative role, and as an Aspie, I was accused of this early, because I was reclusive, quiet, had an active imagination, and highly introspective and rarely interacted with people outside a select group of “safe” people.


Narcissus in myth was a handsome shepherd who spend his time looking at his reflection in a pond while whiling away his time; who knows what he was thinking in his self relective reveries.  He is accused of being selfish and self absorbed and vain; but we only have this on the evidence of what happened to the nymph that fell in love with him, Echo.

Echo was a nymph of the woods, and nymphs don’t love often but when they do they love very hard, and she endevoured to reach him by calling his name but he was too distracted by his own thoughts.  Echo pined away for love of him, and in return the gods turned him into a nodding flower that leans over ponds to this day, while Echo whispers his name on this wind.

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