Very Basic Self Defence Tips For Women

  1.  If you are attacked in your home, fight the instinct to protect your children by going to them — act like the Kildeere bird and lure them away.  Stay away from knives.  Grab a frying pan or blunt object with a handle.  A cutting board for example, or a bat near the door.

2.  If you are uncomfortable and there is someone behind you, drop and tie your shoelace until they are in front of you.

3.  Start collecting rocks.  A nice palm sized round rock in the open hand works like a beaut in close quarters, and you can have a lovely collection for your home.

4.  If you are going to learn to wear high heels, learn to flip them off easily enough to use them as a potential spike hammer.

5.  Never underestimate good punk wear in terms of durability and porcupineliness.

6.  Carry a small LED bright enough to blind someone.


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