A few weeks ago there was an incident in the city where a 13 year old boy with a photo of himself with tattoos and guns made social media because of a shooting with regard to a conveincence store in Edmonton.  There was and is a hue and outcry for his head, but I just shook mine and closed my eyes and wondered who called the hit; the fact that this poor kid really is no different than a trafficking victim, and that the whole incident was probably a gang initiation incident.  Sure he needs to face justice, but why did the thing happen?

Nobody ever thinks that at though.

Where I used to live D and I were constantly walking and meeting people covered in tatoos who were part of gang life, buying cigarettes and trying desperately not to have to go home, mostly.  I’ve had talks about the economy with guys with teardrop tattooes at 3 am in the inner city who had “Time Is Money” around his neck.  He was very interesting.

We lived by an inner city hospital and I received clearance to work him on the grounds at night.  It kept me sane, and I saw all kinds of shit there.  People were generally very cool up until the day my life exploded when Snoweden suddenly was in the news and hackers were celebs.


Fucking nightmare.


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