Pearl Diving in the Ashes of My Memory

My ex, before he had a series of unfortunate, unfortunate, unfortunate, events happen to him, was a genius at STEM.  We spent a lot of time talking about the development of an airship design called Leviathan.  He wanted her to have the ability to shield herself and unfortunately also wanted the AI to be based off of my neurological engrams.

I would prefer not to discuss him, except to discuss our work, and I don’t know how to give him credit for it without ever having to deal with him ever again, and I don’t know how to do that without …..  it getting ugly.

Leviathan is intended to be a high altitude cargo ship capable of sustaining a population for climate change purposes with the ability to maintain itself in  a closed system and has the option of strike fighters for self defense purposes.

Her mainframe was based off of breathing tissues and nanotech over a matrices with gardens with songbirds inside to keep people from going insane, with walkways that were lined with aquaponic gardens to create a healthy environment, a gym that stored kinetic power; a garbage to fuel system, and was operated based of the character Pilot in the television series Farscape.

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