Slippery Jim and The Concrete Walls of the Dark Web

I didn’t actually realize that I occupied the Dark Web until recently.  You see, my mom helped develop Golem II at Arizona State University and I was given a computer at the age of two.  Which is probably what lead to me deciding to interrogate my Siri.

Having grown up with a computer as a primarily nonverbal and highly curious person has led to me having a very fascinating and diverse group of friends online, including petty criminals and ambassadors.  No, you may not know who is who.  Most of the Dark Web which I tend to occupy is largely made up of scientific geniuses in various STEM fields who are either actively trying to avoid the military complex, part of it, or leaving it.  I suppose I rank somewhere in there.

Recently DARPA and the California Jet Propulsion Agency and other groups have begun to troll the Dark Web looking for scientific innovation, and honestly this is all very uncomfortable to me.  I have lived on the banks of the river narrative on the shores of the Dark Web in relative obscurity quite comfortably most of my life, and it feels much like having a spotlight on me.

However, I suppose I should consider this a good thing, as it presents an opportunity for me to improve my overall quality of life if I allow the spotlight to actually CATCH me.

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