Escape from The Birdcage, March 21, 2016

Stopped by Bings for breakfast and swung by Town Hall to make an appointment with the mayor regarding my ongoing liaison duties, and then went wandering a bit.

Then I visited Blings ‘N Things.  I am trying to invade my own life, which is …interesting….  and it involves first of all deciding where to move.  That part is iffy; the rents in Ontario seem a lot more reasonable than any of the ones in Edmonton, and I’ll be perfectly honest when I say that I DON’T want to move back to Edmonton.  So, while looking, I may as well window shop/buy stuff for when I do find a place.

Adorable traincase
Adorable traincase
Beautiful writer’s desk for inspiration


Beautiful briefcase
Beautiful briefcase


So far, I’m just window shopping, but it does give me things to daydream about while I work on quitting smoking and get a budget going.

I dropped by Erin Babcock’s office today.  She is the MLA for Stony Plain.  She wasn’t in today, but I did talk to her assistant about what kind of social programs might be available in Stony Plain, and I expressed my concerns regarding water quality in Alberta and mental health with her.

She suggested that I contact the FCSS, or Family and Community Support Services in town, which I actually used to volunteer for briefly when I was in High School for help getting established as a bonafide person.

I actually plan to give them a call after I give myself a bit of a lunch break.

After I stopped by the MLA’s office, I went for a bit of a walk and looked at one of the apartments that are available for rent; I’ll have to call and find out what they’re asking for and if they take pets.

I also decided while on my walk to make my Instagram account public.

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