In Defence of the “paleo” diet 

I manage the symptoms of Wilson’s disease primarily through basic nutrition (when I can afford it) and supplementation. Since Wilson’s impacts how my body metabolizes energy and how available that energy is as well as the development of healthy connective tissue, paying attention to my diet is essential.

Because of this immune disorder, my liver cells cannot manufacture enough taurine to satisfy my cellular needs, and my bone marrow requires additional sources of eurythropetins to manufacture healthy blood cells, and quite honestly sometimes my body has outright rejected vegetables and fruits because of their sugar content.

I do not follow the paleo diet nor is this to be considered me approving it without judgement or comment. I do however when possible try to abide by a ketogenic diet with high protein and fat content to compensate for the rate at which my neurological system fires and processes information at, or risk total system failure and possibly death.

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