These are a few of my favourite things – Fashion Blog

One really cool thing about fashion blogging besides who you might meet is learning how to make do with less without seeming like you are. Like how to turn three tops and two pairs of pants, one dress, and three skirts into a fully functional wardrobe that will literally take you anywhere as long as you accessorize it.

Most of my favourite fashion/beauty things are actually less to do with anything I wear that’s obvious unless it’s something like my ridiculously fun little purple “Queen hat” or fascinator, and more to do with experiences and stories than anything else.

That said here’s some things I can’t live without:

– an eyelash curler, though I didn’t know how much I’d love mine until I bought my first one at age 35.How eyelash curlers changed my life

– Kukui oil shampoo and serum spray Becoming one with the curl

– O’keefe’s Working Hands Hand cream

– Scarves

– safety pins and necklace charms 

– pressed powder

– vinegar for skin toning, removing tooth enamel, and lightning hair 

– my RED leg warmers from Blings N Things made by a lady in Cochrane, Alberta 

– Physicians Formula mascara 

– Handbags

– covered books, fancy pens, 

– honey for acne 

– essential oils especially candy cane or lavender 

– lime water for Wilson’s 
– rings 

– Nivea Pearly Shine and Burt’s Bees Sedona Sand lip crayon

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