Inside the Birdcage – June 10, 2017

So it’s been a long time since I wrote a blog; an awful lot had happened in the past year – some of it hilariously traumatizing, some of it really positive, all of it unbelievable, much like the rest of my life. Experiences in the past twelve months range from kicking a cop in the head to visiting Washington, DC and meeting a fan. 

In the months since the election, I’ve mostly been staying to myself and observing people. What I see makes me both angry and sad; a population beat down by terrorism and a bad economy turning their fear of instability and own feelings of insecurity on anyone who thinks or looks different from them; people who are arrogant enough about their own position to think climate change is a hoax and migrants dying in slave markets are just looking for benefits. No wonder I stopped writing; it’s incredibly depressing.

Over the past year, I’ve reached a new appreciation for the difficulties faced by both trafficking survivors and veterans attempting to get mental health care. It’s distressing to know that they’re far more likely to be medicated for “delusions” than be believed and receive appropriate care. Equally distressing is learning just how corrupt the field of psychiatry really is in Canada, particularly their ties to pharmaceutical companies.

As for Trump. What can I say? I warned you; you didn’t listen, and I…. I’m going to work on me, because that’s the only reasonable response to a probably treasonous tyrant in the making.

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