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IMG_5692My mom asked me today if a story about the D’aash destroying the Qabba – the black stone at Mecca that pious Muslims go on pilgrimage to at least once in their life as part of hajj, or the spiritual journey, prescribed by Mohammed.

Wish I could say for certain. It’s interesting to note that it required the persecution of Christians in D’aash controlled territory for anyone to even care. The D’aash themselves are utterly indescriminate in their rules of conflict regardless of cultural narrative.

It’s worth noting that it will be the maternal narrative that determines the long term forcast for peace in the Middle East, as evidenced by the bible and its effect on foreign policy.

When examining foreign policy in the Middle East, it’s important to note that Islam itself did not evolve from nothingness. Mohammed’s humble origins were that he was a descendent of Ishmael and one of the members of a donkey caravan that ran past what is now Mecca. The Qabba was already there but it was then surrounded by stone totems of the Bedouin and Druk peoples. Apparently, Mohammed was told to destroy the idols and prayed at the Qabba. Mohammed once told a fellow religious leader that he would not pray in his church, lest his followed build a mosque and overtake it. 

The history of Mohammed speaks of several strong spiritually significant women who helped to shape and dictate their civil codes and moral inclination towards piety.

In the telling of the story of Hagar, the mother of the line that brought Islam out of the sky worshipping ancient cult centres like Babylon and Ur, it’s important to note that Abram rejected Hagar before she gave birth, denying Ishmael of his inheritance according to Canaanite culture and strangely in defiance to the civil codes of his tribe, because he adopted his wife’s mannerisms. 

The bible explicitly states that the inheritance of Ishmael will rise to be a great nation of “wild ass like men” and it did, several times over, in cultures like the Hysskos or Accadians, and civil war spread science and social mores.

It is a profound and erroreous mistake to assume the leaders of the D’aash are simply stupid blood thirsty barbarians. They have a civil code and it is appalling in its calculatedness and enforcement. They are in the business of empire building and they don’t care about anything but profit. But because it is a narrative that was originally adapted from literal death cults dedicated to bloodthirsty solar and lunar gods — the origin of all Abrahamism or the People of The Book — does not make them foolish or inept. It makes them fierce, and they have made use of their maternal narrative already to shape the doctrine of their caliphate, by perverting the poetry of strong beautiful women they capture.

Reflections of the Old Testament come to mind, and the influence of women in government. It is important to note I do consider the caliphate to be a religious one so much as a civil and moral structure, with power dynamics that runs intrinsically diametrical to western thought, but aligns theologically with Copticsm or even the Aryan Heresy. 

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