Strangled by Red Tape

So, my parents have been after me for some time to “get a job like your big brother Bob;” the fact that I already DO work; I’m just not fairly compensated by my government or society seems to be a bit tricky for them to wrap their minds around.  Don’t get me wrong here; I love my parents, I truly do.  But there are days when I would very much like to just run away and never come back, or better yet, smash my brother’s heads together.  But since that is unlikely to ever happen, I will just have to figure something out myself.

I swear sometimes that administration bullshit was specifically designed with the sole purpose of making people whose lives are already complicated with ridiculous amounts of unnecessary drama more difficult.  That said, I am currently in the process of finally getting my tax arrears sorted out, and apparently the government owes me money.  This is a happy surprise.

And now I am looking for a place to live as well as a job.  Oh PTS, how I love you.  Thank you for regularly turning my life into my very own three ring circus with sideshow!   If nothing else, it reassures me that my ability to control my anger and resentment issues is still pretty intact, as is my ablility to maintain inner calm during chaos.  Excellent.  I need to move like, yesterday preferably, but ASAP will do just fine as well.  Mind you, without an actual advocate at ALL besides myself, this isn’t the easiest fucking thing on the planet to do.  Good thing I like challenges.

So I’ve advertised that I am looking for a place in Red Deer on Craigslist and Kijiji and on Facebook through the Red Deer Advocate and Red Deer Child Magazine.

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