Introduction to Stony Plain

Today after voting I went for a walk around Stony Plain’s downtown core.  It’s very strange; I grew up here and went to elementary school through high school pretty much, but I am still essentially very much a tourist here.

The elementary school has been turned into a community centre with an outside gardening program and a spiritual group that meets weekly, with free books in boxes in the hallways.  It was very nice actually.  It was strange to see my high school demolished. I wonder where the plaques at the entry way went.  I went to Memorial High School and there were enormous brass plaques that listed all of the dead soldiers from Stony Plain history from the World Wars. My Junior High is still there, and it has been turned into a K-12.

The house across the street from the high school with the widow’s walk has had the walk removed, sadly, and a ?? quansut?? or something popped up in town.  There’s a glorious carved tree at the museum next door, which is the ?? second school Stony Plain built.  I think.  Because there’s another one at the Heritage Park grounds that said that Sherriff Umbach opened a school building, and that one is made of clapboard.  The one downtown is made of red brick and fine mortar and has ponds outside and a farmer’s house which has been converted into an art gallery next door.

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