Counter terrorism and shopping, who knew? Fair trade works better than droning.

One of the reasons I use to justify my shopping habit is the fact that you can actually defeat both terrorism and human trafficking by knowing where your consumer goods come from.  Ideally, for fair trade to truly work the best, everyone from the designer to the artisan to the point of sale is considered equal in trade and remunerated appropriately for their part in the supply chain.

When combatting terrorism, its essential to remember that once you strip away all of the bullshit of religion or political affiliation, it is ALWAYS a matter of resources versus humans.  Control of resource has always been how empires are built and fall, which is why Boko Haram and the D’aesh both use control over water and oil to build their caliphrates.

Funny though it sounds, its actually easier to achieve peace by defunding organizations like these by rethinking how consumerism is built, and how our resources are transferred.  Its also a lot less bloody.

For the process of peacebrokering, the empowerment of women and girls on a global scale is paramount, and one of the best ways to achieve empowerment is through fair trade model investment and widening of the commodity market to meet new discoveries and innovations.

Wealth redistribution doesn’t have to necessarily mean that higher earner receive higher taxation; it could mean that higher income means higher taxation vs. voluntary investment in local projects with global outcomes, for example.

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