Fashion and Consumer Blogging and Promotional Modelling For Abolitionism – An Entrepreneurial Model

One of the many ways that you can combat the crime of trafficking is through being a conscious media and material consumer, which means knowing both the point of sale and originator of a good before buying it, preferably from a local source for a reduced carbon footprint, which is what bulk buying is for.

Because fashion and the consumer good industry as a whole is so directly tied to commerce and trade, knowing exactly where your purchase comes from can have a huge impact on trafficking.  When you support chocolate companies like Nestle for example, you are investing in child slavery.  If you buy chocolate through a group like Magdalene House, you are investing in freedom.

If you buy a piece of jewelry from Destiny Rescue Shop, you are helping to invest in the education of a child who was freed from sex slavery in Asia.  They have a wonderful program which offers apprenticeship in a number of fields and which gifts the girls with everything they need to be financially independent empowered women in the community.

If you buy luxury soap from Sacred Mark Soap, you are supporting the empowerment of women formerly employed in the red light district of Bangladesh, who are working towards building a stronger community for women.

The shopping platform Global Girlfriend has already demonstrated that direct-to-buyer internet shopping is a powerful method for the empowerment of women and children in conflict zones through entrepreneurship and networking.

Just about anything you can think of can be purchased through a fair trade network, particularly on the commodities market. is one such example of an ipo that takes advantage of this phenomenon.  There is no such, to my knowledge, existence of an ipo or media platform that allows for the peer to peer sales of goods on a fair trade network across the globe other than the one at Global Girlfriend, but there is plenty of room for growth and development in this particular commercial market, particularly with mainstream incorporation of Bitcoin.

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