Surfing the Tide

With the impending influx of refugees coming to Canada, it seems like it might not be a bad idea to consider interfaith interchange in Canada and financial social development programs.  Canada is build on cultural exchange and immigrants, and although the D’aesch or Boko Haram use Islam for a cover, that is a blatant falsity.  Most of these refugees are just afraid and confused.  Canada also has the right to choose from the applicants as to whom it will sponsor and for how long. While most would prefer to look away and say that Canada should not be burdening itself right now with these refugees, the fact remains that really, in order for her to maintain standing on a global scale, she must begin to make and keep policy decisions which effect the world.

The Great Satan once told me that in his opinion, refugees were really just investors who were removed from their material possessions, and if Canada worked fast, she could pick and choose from the Syrian physicians, scientists, writers, engineers, etc., which would have both the effect of fulfilling her requirements and help to bolster the economy here at home.

He also asked me to stay in Canada.  Yay.  I decided that if the ocean is dying, I don’t really want to see it anyways.  I don’t know that I could take it, really.  So yeah.  I stopped by several local churches lately and told them that I do defense and security blogging and specialize in combating trafficking and introduced myself to the shopkeepers in town.  Its a strange career title.

I have been running several social experiments lately – namely, pretending that when I am in town, that I am actually a refugee – and it has been going really well I think.

I am awaiting the announcements of all of the current cabinet ministers following the recent Liberal majority election result.

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