Inside the Birdcage – October 29, 2015

The Dominatrix is currently recovering from an incident involving a pair of miscreants attempting to sell drugs in her yard.  In short, it required actually going from intimidating to chasing the bastards out, and I can’t actually keep up with my wolf cross when he goes to ground.  So, I am now effectively on bed rest more or less until next Monday.  Its not a whole lot of fun, but neither is passing out or throwing up because I read two blog articles.  This is probably my fifth concussion so far, and although I do have a lot of important projects on the go and was working towards getting out of my present living circumstance, have decided to take it easy on myself and give my noggin time to recover.

I don’t actually have much to move with besides a bed, a sea trunk I intend to fill with clothes and a box of books.  It might take up the trunk and a suitcase plus maybe a clothes bag, and I have  a collapsible bookshelf and backpack.  Aside from my cat and dog, those are pretty much all my worldly possessions at the moment.  I am looking for a place preferably in Red Deer so I can look for work.  I am not allowed to drive because of a consequence of the trauma I sustained in Hell, so its essential that I move somewhere with either a good public transportation system or is highly walkable.  I want to move to Red Deer mainly because that is where Magdalene House is, and I want to work more in the commerce and trade aspects of counter-terrorism and fighting human trafficking and less in the murky waters of the Dark Web, and start developing a real life.  Having an existence that literally revolves around 26 seconds is very strange, and makes having a normal existence kind of tricky.

I have been wandering around the little town I found myself outside of, introducing myself as an abolitionist and security blogger, and visiting the shops.  I have a nasty shopping habit apparently, which I occasionally indulge as sort of a reward for jobs done well, and Stony Plain has some excellent shopping available, from Main Street (luxury goods for about $20.00 apiece, all within walking distance for someone with a bad leg) to the thrift shops ($1.00 each for the gorgeous big earrings I found at the Youth Centre).  Its been a lot of fun and I’ve met a lot of people.  I have also been hanging out at the local church to colour and get used to being out of Stormcage.

I am planning to write an article on the subject of Romeo Pimps later this week.

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