50 Shades of Pimping


Within human trafficking, there are actually several different types of pimps or programmers, one of them being the Romeo Pimp.

Romeo Pimps behave as though they are the boyfriend and protector of their victim, and rely on trauma bonding and emotional manipulation in order to pressure their “girlfriend” into the trade.  Sometimes this takes the form of her being forced into stripping to make an income, and sometimes she is directly prostituted.

Another form of pimp involves a mother figure, and it is where they both exert psychological and/or physical force over the victim.  Sometimes the female figure has been raised in the life and thinks this is normal. This version is particularly insidious for its measure of control over the life of a victim, and is surprisingly common.

Its important to remember that these people exude an incredibly amount of power over an individual, and that their every move is monitored.  There is total and complete abuse of authority over the individual and they eventually become dehumanized.

Another form of pimping develops as sort of a social control because of the problem of vulnerability, and exists more or less in the form of a protectorate, similar to a big brother or mentor, but on the street. This situation may or may not include sexual coercion, and may and may not be the victim’s choice in this dangerous world.  It may or may not even involve the actual act of pimping – that is, being forced to sell oneself by another person – but rather take the form of brotherly concern.  Until of course, it becomes an abuse of power situation.

An often overlooked or rather, socially denied, form of pimping exists in the form of “survival sex.” Survival sex is essentially when you are so down and out that the only form of currency that you have to offer for food and shelter is your body. Survival sex may actually be the motivation behind many couples getting together for life actually; but on the street, it is remarkably easy for the “sweet guy” who lets you stay with him for a few days and eat to become a brute who sees you as nothing but a means to make him money.

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