Inside the Birdcage – October 29, 2015

I have been looking further into fashion blogging and abolitionism; it appears that I wasn’t bragging when I said that you could literally find just about anything through fair trade if you knew where to look, although for the most part this is limited to clothes, jewelry and accessories, makeup, and household items, that occupies a fairly large market niche realistically speaking. I hadn’t really realized how large it was until I went window shopping recently actually.

I found a few really exciting webpages today, one that supports efforts in Ethiopia and one which supports efforts in Asia.  I should perhaps look into sites that offer commodities like flour and spices a little more; I know that most culinary luxuries are available from a fair trade source, including chocolate and sugar.

Late last night before I signed off, I read about a guy in the states who committed a ritual human sacrifice murder who was calling himself Pazuzu.  I’m not sure which is more disturbing to me, the fact that I know that Pazuzu is the name of an Ancient Sumerian god of the fetid desert wind, or that this is almost normal for me by now.

I really need to consider what kind of jobs my skill set can be transferred to.  I suppose that marketing and advertising would work.  Tourism, to a degree or another. My skill set is sort of vast and complicated, and my knowledge base is not really one that I can readily apply to most jobs unfortunately.  However, I have been a volunteer and worked in administration before, and there are always administration jobs.

Last time I was in town I actually walked by the new radio station, the One, in town.  I view them as direct competition; apparently we both had the idea to run a radio station in town but they had access to funds and well…  yeah.  I thought about applying there, but I cannot stand country music and I am not sure that I am prepared to make that kind of personal sacrifice.

I have been playing Mall World while recovering from my concussion and trying to plot my game structure.  I am really excited about the idea actually and am looking forward to developing it. I need to go into town and talk to the people at the entrepreneurship place but that probably won’t be happening until Monday at the earliest, partly because of the concussion and partly because we had to have the plumber in today.

The first time I went into speak to them it went okay I guess; he gave me some tips on speaking.  Then when I came back from MH and told him that I had woken up to discover that I was a cartoon character online called Doctrine Dominatrix, he said he wasn’t comfortable working with me on brand development.  I’m not sure why exactly; the fact that some of my content in NSFW doesn’t mean that I am incapable of having a professional relationship with a mentor.  The last time I dropped by there went much better; I spoke with a woman and explained the whole Doctrine Dominatrix branding thing to her.  She understood, and said that it was great that I was familiar with my readership.

I really have spent a lot of time playing Mall World and studying market forces, and I think this game is going to really open up a lot of trade opportunities.

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