How your cellphone is fuelling war and what can be done about it

I recently learned that in the Congo there are intertribal wars being fueled by the need for labour workers to mine for a rare earth mineral used in the creation of cellphones, and that whether or not a girl is wearing a pair of panties there can determine whether or not she is raped or dies, because clothes bestow her with a status of being looked after by a man.  I can’t unfortunately seem to find any organizations which serve to bring these girls underwear.  Africa’s New Slave Markets Tied To Cell Phone/Computer Industry


Apple workers have been forced to sign anti suicide agreements and there are nets to prevent people from jumping in response to mass suicide protests held due to low wages and intolerable conditions.

Buying an ethical phone like the one being offered by the start up Fair Phone, trying to avoid buying Apple products until they resolve this, and looking after your electronics can help a lot, as can urging your company or school to go conflict free.

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