Paul Bernardo and a MAD World Order

First, I should probably state for the record that I’m not actually supposed to be writing about this.  Or thinking about it, or about him.  As my mentor said, some minds were never meant to be touched, and sometimes the fire is real.

I am hoping that by writing about the question, I will never have to ask myself it again.

When the news came out that Paul Bernardo had written a book, I wasn’t actually terribly shocked; most serial killers at some point or another do write a book.  It’s part and parcel of the toxic narcissism that goes into the creation of serial killers after all; you expect these people to write something that either attempts to provide a satisfying explanation for their monstrosities or some sort of self examining piece attempting to moralize their actions in some way or another.

I did not expect him to write a book regarding Russian hegemony, electronic warfare, and Mexican cartels from within a 6 x 9 cell.  Particularly given the fact that since his incarceration in the 1990s, Bernardo has not even had his laundry washed with the rest of the inmates because they won’t touch his clothes and his section of the prison is regarded as hell.

So.  How does a man with no real access to the outside world, with less than an hour of television viewing privileges a day, end up writing a book like this?  And why is no one but me finding the situation unusual?

More importantly to me, at least, is why is that the Canadian populace was up in arms at the idea that he might financially benefit from writing a book from inside jail when the book has absolutely nothing to do with his own life and actions?  Why did no one stop and think “Hey.  That’s…  that’s pretty odd.” before demanding that Amazon pull the book from sales?

If they’re concerned about people benefiting financially from these murders, there have already been books and books and books written about the murders he and his wife Karla Homolka committed, and these books are generally considered to be a valuable tool for criminal analysts and parapsychologists who study aberrant psychology.  After all, if a mad man serial killer gives you access to his thinking processes, it helps add to the general knowledge of what goes on to create monsters like these.

For myself…  I only hope that having written this essay, I will stop asking myself these questions.


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