The Ides of March on the Banks of the River Narrative

So since I have decided to throw my hat in as a blogger, I have been looking for ways to not starve to death as one, part of which includes getting my taxes sorted and well, trying to go legit.  And that includes looking into tax exemptions which may or may not be available.

I found it interesting that you can make certain deductions but not others from your federal taxes if you work in the public servant sector for the federal government, are a member of the military, a member of the RCMP, or if you have purchased a house.  I am still looking into details that might be of use to me, since I am trying to make my living as a fair trade blogger and “model” (laughter ensues here) and most of my purchases if not all are both either living expense related or promotional for my business.

I also found it interesting that if you are a teacher or a first responder, you cannot make a deduction as a public servant, because of the way the organizations are set up.  This actually reminds me of when I worked at the medical clinic and was forced to pay for both my medications and my Alberta Health Care out of my pocket and had no unionized insurance coverage whatsoever and was forced on part time hours.  My boss actually at once point mentioned that she would be willing to garnish my wages so I could pay my student loans off rather than just providing us with a decent coverage plan, so when my health eventually failed me, I was left broke.

Apparently there is a new initiative in Edmonton with boots on the ground to find homeless veterans, which I think is a really worthy cause.  I don’t think I could ever go back to Edmonton, but Da Vinci and I used to spend hours and hours at night talking to homeless people or doctors, patients and their visitors, or police and ambulance drivers outside of the local inner city hospital, and I collected fallen poppies and brought them home.   I don’t think I could at this point return to Edmonton to help with this initiative in person because of my C-PTSD, but I do think its’ a wonderful thing to have happening.

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