Analysis on the Oregon Shooter

really dislike the use of the term “beta male” to refer to the recent insanity like the Oregon shooter. He and the scum like him are not betas. Beta males are nonaggressive but protective and capable of stepping back so their female shines. An omega is a male who is rejected by the pack or […]

Inside the Birdcage – October 4, 2015

I really, really need to stop being surprised by people.  Although, honestly, it is kind of nice to know that I can still be surprised. This week has brought us, among other things, the promise that if we vote for the Conservative Party, that it will lead to the development of a a “Barbaric cultural […]

Thoughts about Thought

Portions of the  following were first published at Neuro-physics, a data dump on Facebook that I run for myself and some fans.  I’m not sure how many of them understand most of the gobbledeegook I publish there, but I do, oddly enough. A thought is really just the spark of electrons within the framework of a […]