Lot 666

I recently had a very strange and disturbing memory come floating up from the wreckage of my past, one that…  well, honestly, sometimes I can’t help but think all of this reads like a bad fiction writer’s fantasies.  The truly disturbing part is that I know that it isn’t, not all of it, anyways.

My ex…  I recently started calling him in my head, for the first five years, which I loved, my husband, and for the last five, my programmer, in order to actually sort through what is mine and what is not, and try and figure out just WHAT THE FUCK happened……..

There is an intimacy found in torture which I am not sure can be replicated through other means.  After his electrocution, it was both torture for him to be alive and for me to live with him, but he would never have committed suicide while with even most of his faculties gone.

Anyways.  He owned this ring.  It was made out of old gold, really quite thick, with a jade stone set in it, and when you flipped that, there was a box underneath, that he said was for cyanide or some quick poison.  The entire ring’s band though…  it was carved with the number 666.  I know, I know, it sounds absurd, but it’s true.

He inherited it from his grandmother, who was the wife and daughter of Masons, and told me that during the Middle Ages, his people – whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean – wore them while working in the Vatican and among royalty, so that if they were discovered, they would suck the wax coating off and take the poison.

You need to understand that my husband used to hold me in his arms and tell me that to traffickers, in fact, to people like he used to be, my whole life’s value was less than 0.86 cents, after rendering, for it’s elements.  He also used to talk about releasing sarin over the city we lived in, because he believed it was the only way to get his father’s respect.  It was not what we might call a “happy” marriage.  And yes, he was born in Canada, to Canadian parents, and even had the opportunity to take classes in surveillance and counter-surveillance through a social program which trained him in security work.  No idea how that works, but I remember the certificate, and I saw the end results.

This is the kind of perversion that you are dealing with when you are dealing with cartels.  As I understand it, he ended up this way because he was extremetized through a gang that he was involved with — of course, I had absolutely no idea what I’d gotten myself into until it was far too late to do anything except CONTAINMENT.

And it’s also important to the story that you know that he identified as a Christian, and followed a Masonic cultural code.  It was 100% Shariah, but Islam was not a part of any of it.

When people think of the D’aash and Boko Haram, the first thing they tend to do is identify their violence with the religion of Islam.  And yes, religious extremism is inherent to various factions of Islam, but it is NOT exceptional to it. Most often, it is a smokescreen used to distract from the fact that it is simply a criminal group operating as a cartel and using the blanket of religion to recruit and incite superstitious fear in their targets.

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