Radar Love – Electronic Warfare in the New World

So this month, aside from juggling the Mefloquine issue and chasing down Mystery Dates and saving the world…  I have been researching Electronic Warfare.  Why?  Because everybody needs a hobby, and I get bored easily.  Really, really easily.

I was able to confirm my suspicions that the Russians had EW aviation technology capable of jamming US naval cruisers.  And that they have been working hand in pocket with the Chinese and the Iranians.  (For those of us who live behind the wire, I’ve actually been nursing these suspicions since sometime last November; the news just finally caught up with my suppositions within the last week).

Theoretically, the Russian quantum communications defense network is supposed to be infallible – which is never something that you want to hear – but evidently, there is some sort of technology that has to do with the Iron Dome in Israel which can be used to poke holes in it.  The Chinese are also claiming that their technology is immune to an EW attack….  I have to spend time on that issue when I am not busy trying to put funding under my feet.

Turkey is also shoring up their jamming capabilities.

Meanwhile…  in the West…  our capabilities are described as ‘woefully inadequate’ to the task – because apparently, we figured that the Russian military was in a weakened position.  I have no idea who made that decision.

Dr. Michio Kaku, who is an internationally renowned physicist, redeemed my faith in humanity this week by calling for an international Manhattan Project in quantum communications to address these issues.

As usual, this bears more research and international collaboration.  And it also bears the question of – how many people who are claiming to hear voices or hear strange sounds which appear to come from outside of their head are being affected by this invisible war?

3 thoughts on “Radar Love – Electronic Warfare in the New World

  1. I would like to see how the US or NATO systems hold up with multiple ships. mind you the counter would be Multiple EW threats. and there has yet to be a infallible system. closest they have come is encrypting fiber optics and there is probably a work around for that in the works. I must chastise myself for not dropping by earlier, love what you have done with the place.

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    1. Hopefully, we will start to see momentum in the CoC to address these issues. I have an odd feeling that PTSD just might come in really handy with this.

      And thank you. Feel free to wander around.


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