Space Colonization and the Importance of Building a Fort for Interstellar Development

In order to properly colonize space, we need to move beyond the ideas of satellite stations and isolation on planets far from earth, and focus instead on the development and establishment of a Space Fort – for docking, security, educational, medical, and commerce and trade purposes. So far, most attempts to colonize space have largely focuses on the planets Mars and Venus, with some thought given to growing food for the colonies on the moon.

Last October I stumbled down a rabbit hole and fell out into the brain of an aerospace engineer named Erik Johan Grey, from Washington State (aka Holden Tao Jones, who has unfortunately since decided that I am Russian Intelligence; my social life is both amusing and sad) and we spent many an interesting night over music and Magic cards discussing how to get mankind into space and what exactly we as a species need to be focusing on while we work out how to get us into space.  What we determined was basically that while its all well and fine to focus on the colonization of planets, unless there is an internationally built and recognized orbital fortress for trade, commerce, defense, and supply purposes, efforts to colonize the planets is effectively moot.

He also let me in on the fact that realistically, we may not actually need to put our energy and efforts down here on earth into solar and wind energy, because we could just put a dyanmo in space (he gave me the example of a rare earth magnet spinning on the end of a copper wire filament suspended in space). I expect that I will be pounding my head against a wall trying to put together a workable schema for this for awhile, since Erik has recently decided that his disgust with mankind outdoes his desire to improve it.

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