Prostitution Law – Random Thoughts

One of the challenges I am having at the moment is with a legal issue regarding human trafficking and prostitution.

Basically, there is a model for prostitution law in existence called the Nordic model. The Nordic model decriminalizes prostitution itself and puts the legal onus for the victimization/exploitation on the men utilizing their services.  This means that the women involved in prostitution are able to work together to provide some sort of protection for each other.

The decriminalization of prostitution effectively states that “we understand that this is a job like any other” so that the girls who end up in this part of the economy are able to move past the status of victim and take control of the narrative of their own lives.

There is, at present, a woman stripped at a dive near me, as an immediate consequence of the public determining the course of her future after she made a terribly bad decision.  To whit; she was caught having sex in public with two men and it was recorded by some Upstanding Citizen with a cellphone.  She has since become internet infamous, and is now unable to get a Clark Kent or “normal” job, because employers consider her to be dishonest and lacking in integrity.  I personally can’t make any statements concerning her actual personality traits, as I’ve never met her, but it seems terribly wrong for the morality police to essentially FORCE this woman into the sex trade because of one very unfortunate incident becoming part of the public domain.

Particularly given the fact that a Supreme Court justice recently had to fight for her seat following the release of revenge porn photos of her by her ex-husband when Victor Toews – the man who said if you are against the surveillance state that you are on the side of the pedophiles and cartels – has been discovered to have had not one, but two affairs, including one with a domestic servant – specifically a babysitter.  Abuse of authority is abuse of authority, and I am for one unclear on why the word “affair” would apply; given the implied coercion implicit in a relationship between a powerful influential politician and the hired help.

I suppose it never crossed Mr. Toew’s mind that one reason that someone might desire anonymity online is PRECISELY because they are involved in the fight against pedophiles and the cartels that deal in trafficking.  SITREP July 27, 2015

Another aspect of applying the Nordic model for our legal interpretation of prostitution law is that it allows for an understanding that a woman in the sex industry can rely on a male or a group of males for protection without being controlled by them.  Under our current prostitution laws, if a woman engaged in the sex trade has a male acting as her protector and provider (even without coercion or abuse of authority), he is considered a pimp and is therefore open game as far as the law goes.

Recently Ontario rolled out new legislation which is only currently applicable in Ontario, which resemble a slightly altered Nordic model and contains several improvements over the federal code, but there is of course still room for improvement.

Ontario Court Of Appeals Sweeps Aside Many of Canada’s Anti-Prostitution Laws

Obviously, getting the national dialogue to turn towards prostitution isn’t going to be easy; for most people, it is simply not breakfast conversation.  But considering how trafficking is fundamental to terror cells and cartels, it does seem to be one that this nation needs to have.

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