August 29 – Inside the Birdcage

I have been encouraged to put my skills to use for myself, and will henceforth ry and keep my thoughts dedicated to creating worthwhile content and making sales.  I was recently made a NuSkin Consultant.  NuSkin is a line of nutriceuticals intended to combat the effects of aging, and since I study chronic illness and inflammation, that is really actually very important to me.  Aging is nothing more than the effects of the environment on the cell.

I have recently begun to remember things from my time in Hell. Including our two major projects, Leviathan and Nemesis. I am however distracted by the NASA project on bedridden people for testing for the colonization of space.  I figure having survivied torture and rendition, my opinions on the neurobiology of the the human body and consciousness under extreme conditions of deprivation might be worthwhile.

I am not a happy bird.  My vocation – combatting human trafficking – is essentially considered a crime under the current Canadian prostitution laws.  Which is simply idiotic.  Basically, if I talk about the exchange of sex for money, even if I am advocating entrepreneurship and community building, and in no way engage in sexual activities, I am still in violation of the law.  It is incredibly ridiculous, and makes my head spin.

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