Inside the Birdcage – September 10, 2015 – Free Edition

I remember back in High School, my first English AP teacher used to tell us that if we wanted to be really successful as writers, we should try getting our articles published in Penthouse and Hustler. Because yes, Virginia, apparently people really do buy the magazines for the articles, and often times the think pieces there are very profound.  Plus, the pay was apparently good.

So I am officially looking for work now, and I would appreciate any links to writing sites anyone might wish to send me, along with advice.  Well, no, not advice.  A friend and a fan talked to me about writing vulnerable and the importance of being authentic while memoir writing, particularly as a woman and a Dark Reader/Writer.  I have also been taking some time off work to do some fictional writing exercises for fun and relaxation; why the hell not, right?

Recently I have been running a lot of thought experiments, including, what would I do if I were a refugee in Stony Plain?

Sobering thoughts.

The other day I clip clopped around Stony in my very high heels and put up Magdalene House cards with my email address on them around town, and wrote several emails to different people.  When your vocation literally revolves around a 26-second count, life is very strange, and high heels help to put things into perspective.

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