Inside the Birdcage – October 1, 2015

There are several changes being made to prostitution law. Prostitution law primarily effects me because my work put me in violation of it. Which is ridiculous. For me to just talk to someone about trafficking violations prostitution laws.
There is contention from both within and without the sex industry as to whether or not prostitution should be regarded as victimization or empowerment. There is also question as to whether or not pimps should be protected by the law. I don’t know where I stand on that issue, as I have known people involved in gangs who while never profiting from it, behaved as a body guard for their friends involved in the sex industry who would be classed as pimps.

Pimp culture is truly unfortunate.

I started poking about looking for work.  A pirate that I met suggested that I consider New York, but The Great Satan asked me to stay in Canada. He wants to me to figure out a way to put my skill set to work for the country and for myself and figure out a way to make money for everybody.

NATO Security and Intelligence is apparently hiring, and the DoD has put out that they are looking for innovators.  I don’t know what to say about this. I am not allowed to drive and am kept socially isolated purely through life circumstances.  But hey, opportunities.  Apparently the DoD is looking for people to talk to about signals intelligence and data analysis, I believe.  I will have to cross reference that to be sure. They are looking for ideas while they work on implementing a cyber strategy.  This is a good thing.

The guy from Where’s My Canada? sent me $100.  I am not sure if that’s a debt or a consulting fee.  I should probably find out.  He has been holding up much better than most would in his position, and it is commendable.  I am glad that he is fighting Bill C-51 for a number of reasons.  For one, it serves to strangle rather than open public dialogue.  But aside from that.  Bill C-51 endangers several of our operations both at home and abroad and is a sweeping change to privacy legislation.  Not to mention that the United Nations itself has spoken out against it. We have little to no actual oversite.  It is confusing even to analysts and the very people who are supposed to theoretically be applying it to defend the national security program.

I spoke to Remington Nevin recently.  He is an internationally recognized expert in epidemiology and is one of the loudest voices in the anti-mefloquine movement.  He agreed to critique my essays on the subject;  I’m not sure precisely what impression he was left with.  He did however point out the need to provide citations supporting my claims; in this instance it was easy enough to do.  He asked me about some specific research I was doing; the research on gap junctions in cellular communication specifically, and how magnesium taureate works to alter the communication between cells during the Krebs cycle in particular.

Unfortunately, the folder that I have to support that claim – its taken years to research this – is now with my old pharmacist Bernie, who I was working on a project to treat immune disorder such as fibromyalgia and Gulf War Sickness.  I should really write an essay laying out how the process works, with supporting citations.

My back has been responding to the increase in my day to day stress load and my feet have been going numb off and off for the past few days.  So I am just going to sit back and breathe for a few days and then get back to reducing my kit while I figure out which way the wind blows.

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