Cam Girl Land #3

I started a video chat room on a free webcam/camblogging site which traditionally caters to the ever increasing demand for free sex.  Granted, as real estate goes, I probably could have found a better site for hosting purposes, but I’m not so sure about that.

After all, if I am going to work in abolition of sex slavery, it sort of makes sense to hang my digital shingle out in a mushroom corner of the web like this.  Yeccch. It’s a strange thing; I don’t mean knowing that someone is watching me via a third-party site via camera or that my room may or may not be audio recorded; I mean the behaviour of the room occupants.

I just did my first interview introducing myself.  It was the first time I have spoken for a long time about myself out loud and …… I sounded very Soviet. Or something.  A friend who was in the room anonymously said I was incomprehensible and tested me with Cyrllic.

The system here uses a token fee basis, and I have to prove to them with copies of my ID that I am who I say that I am.  Presumably for tax purposes.  Even the dark web is regulated.

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