Operation Red Shawl – To REDDress the Missing and Murdered Women Issue in Canada

It crossed my mind today that there are a few universal symbols that transfers ideological dogmatic borders, one of which is the fact that International Humanitarian efforts during times of conflict must generally be organized from a grassroots level in order to make and continue sustained growth of the intersecting economic tangents involved in operations.

In other countries and within Canada right now, there are several “Red” organizations which provide assistance to those suffering from human indignities, such as the Red Cross.  These efforts in Canada are largely seen from the perspective of donations from citizens going towards foreign aid.

In response to the crisis in human trafficking during the present refugee issue, I propose that Canada respond to begin redressing the issue first by  its own missing and murdered first before we start taking on newcomers, and while doing that, transition them into our culture via interfaith cooperatives and microbusinesses such as independent weavers/jewellers.

I remember that during the reign of the terror of the Taliban, one of the reasons the women wore hijab and the burqa was so they could continue to wear makeup or carry books around during the war without being harassed and beaten for learning. Easing them from their extremist and superstition-filled experience into one of cultural exchange and openness will be hard as long as Canadians focus on the differences between the various sects that make up the People of the Book rather than the similarities.

In lieu of the Red Star, Red Crescent, or Red Cross, then; I suggest the Red Shawl project.  In part; the red shawl is recognized in religious iconography as being the appropriate street wear for a strong and independent woman, and in part in response to the success of the #RedShawlCampain on social media to draw attention to the heinous crime of trafficking which is going on across the nation.



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