Peer to peer ethical trade and human trafficking

The most frequently overlooked aspect of trafficking is the labour trade market, which forces people in conflict zones to find work through companies which extort them, and they mine things like rare minerals used to build cellphones and blood diamonds, depending on the area.

The closer you get to the original source, the worse the trade and trafficking gets, and at the worst level, you have little girls getting molested or murdered if they are not wearing panties, because panties indicate that she is under the protection of a male.

There is now a cellphone being made called Fairphone to address the incumbent slavery trade in the Congo which sponsors war and trafficking for a rare earth mineral.

Supporting ethical trade in conflict zones, like supporting companies such as Sacred Mark Enterprises, a Bangladesh cooperative employing former red light district workers in artisan soap making with each sealed with a thumb print, or Ark Imports, which supports Nepalese anti trafficking cooperatives, shifts the strategic game from one designed to foster enmity to one designed to focus on individual and community empowerment as a weapon against the would be slavers.

I can’t even begin to believe that an essay like this is pretty much normal for me.

Its not that trafficking has been hidden really, its always been with us, and supporting big box chains and cheap fashion and crappy pet food contributes to the economy behind it.  Its allowing factory chains to use prison labour and sweatshop industries so we can buy our things at a big stores that take up too much space.

There is a story of a woman who had three children she loved very much.  She lived near a factory and she worked there and the owner used her badly.  When the water became poisoned, she brought her children there and drowned them, and now she haunts the factory’s water trying to warn people of the danger.

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