Fair Trade, Black Market, and Bride Price — Knowing You are Kinte Kunte

So I am looking for a place to live and work.  My living arrangement with my parents has always been frayed, recently its been simply untolerable for all concerned.  My dad is in very bad shape.  He is an old, tough, hard man, and difficult to live with at the best of times.

So I have been looking both in Red Deer and in Ottawa.  The Great Satan wants me to stay in Canada and apply what I know about trafficking and refugees and the UN Geneva accords to try and unfuck the country. Its been a strange education and mentorship, but I guess its kinda paying off now.

There may or may not be, according to Dark Web mythology, at least one bounty on my head.  Its a weird feeling there may be a contract out against your life, but its not one that I am entirely unfamiliar with; my ex husband used to tell me that he had a contract put out with an “In Case of Fire Clause,” which basically was if I disappeared or was killed.  I never wanted to find out what would happen if the world burnt.

Anyways.  This bounty is a newer one, and I can’t even begin to tell you how ridiculous that sounds – and was placed there by the cartels.  Apparently I have pissed them off sufficiently that there is a bounty on my eyeballs, which is fucking creepy as hell and makes me hate all human beings.  And my bride price to Boko Haram is 8,500,000 NG.

Its so disturbing to know the price of every thing on the human black market in your head.  I think perhaps I either need to get paid for my nightmares or else take a very long vacation.

I am pleased that Trudeau won, and would love the opportunity to discuss government oversite and civilian oversite with him in view of the recent passing of bills C-51 and C30.

My ex husband used to like to tell me that to the people that he came from, the life value of a human being after rending for their basic elements was less than a dollar.  He would tell me this while holding me in his arms, looking me in the eyes, and I could not give any emotional display away in my face.

It deeply disturbs to me to know that there are people who find it possible to ignore these crimes here in Canada, nevermind anywhere else.   But genocides happen and good people turn their backs on them and say they didn’t see the trains or hear the screams.

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