Game Idea – Fair Trade Business

I play several fashion design simulator games.  If you don’t know how that works, it is like being a dressmaker.  You can often compete in fashion shows, and like any other game, you use tokens.

I have the idea of taking this another step further.  Basically, a shopping and design simulator using fair trade products only, in cooperation with existing fair trade artisan groups.  The gif itself has an internal link to the site where you can buy it, essentially, making the game sort of a levelling platform between the target audience and original developer/seller.

I envision it as sort of a club or trading cooperative between friends, operating on a similar priniciple to the games currently in existence, except that the tokens are used to patent designs.  Which means that a player can pay to save/patent a design that gets used, and have their name attached to it by the artisan.  Or you can choose not to.

I have already contacted a few groups about either acting as a representative or ambassador and being a point of sale for this idea.

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